ĀN JÍ is a musician and digital artist based in London. They distill their connection to ancestral magic, underworlds, ethereal realms and metamorphosis through experimental visual and sonic techniques; fusing beauty and unfamiliarity – together.

Alien-like, cathartic and sensual – they alchemise their queer asian diasporic experience into a bewitching excavation of otherworldly territory; their work provoking a deep sense of stillness.

With an emphasis on magic and the sacred – ĀN JÍ’s work is an invitation to investigate that which cannot be explained; within us and around us.

music cv
2024 ‘best original score’ for ‘to fly a kite’, shanghai short film festival

2023 australian fashion week x ‘wackie ju’ autumn leaves performance

2022 ‘pxssy palace’ anji x linqhu

2022 eastern margins ‘ceremony’ x ICA

2022 sakidasumi ‘wondering where i’ll go’ remix

2021 no mud, no lotus’

2021 melbourne electronic sound school artist residency

2021 melbourne electronic sound school synth orchestra

2020 melbourne electronic sound studio professional development